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 Becoming an Organizer for Jin Shin Jyutsu Classes:

If you want to organize a Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar in your area, then first off you need to have:

1.    Completed the 5-day Basic Seminar at least three times.
2.    A growing JSJ Community
3.    Computer Literacy (or a Co-Organizer who has)
4.    Previous Organizational experience
5.    Good interpersonal skills

The reason we prefer that an organizer have attended at least 3 of the 5-day Basic Seminars, is that we feel that an organizer needs to be a central magnet for the Jin Shin Jyutsu community in his/her location by setting up a practice, teaching self-help classes, conducting or attending study groups, and making speeches or presentations in local health centers, hospitals, places of business, etc. Organizers for our classes are a resource all year round, not just during the time of the class.

If you believe you have all, or most of the requirements, then please send a covering letter and resume to

After you have been preliminarily accepted as a JSJ Organizer/Co-Organizer, there will be a period, where we get to see how we work together.  During this time, we would like you to familiarize yourself with our procedures, as well as Organizing, or Co-Organizing at least 2 classes (preferably one 5 day, and one STC). The training videos and information within the Organizer section of the JSJ Inc website, as well as support from JSJ Inc Office staff (and other experienced JSJ Organizers), are available for familiarization with our procedures.  Your hands-on practical organizing should cement the experience.

The need for a new location for a class is determined by the following:

1.    There is no nearby class location.
2.    Generally, a new location will offer a 5-day class first, before any Living the Art or Special Topic classes are presented there. The reason for this is that the 5-day class is what generates interest (and is a prerequisite) for the other classes.
3.    A minimum of 20 paying students with a goal of 10 new students in this new location to support a Five day class, without drawing from other communities.

*These are also the desired minimum student numbers for all 5 day classes, regardless of new, or current location, but please always check with the Instructor*

If all the above fits your current profile, then please contact Terry Matthews,  to discuss your proposition.  Otherwise please view our guidelines below to develop your community.

Developing Your Community

Communicate with interested clients about attending self-help classes. Use hand-out flyers and announcements for self-help classes and any JSJ events you are planning.
⦁    Public speaking/demos are a good way to develop interest in your community to support a 5-day class.
⦁    Work with a JSJ faculty instructor who is willing to help you develop the community by conducting self-help classes for the general public, thereby cultivating attendance for a 5-day class with that same instructor at a future time. This is an excellent way of planting seeds for prospective new students  
⦁    Notify the existing students in the surrounding area of the instructor’s self-help class.
⦁    Take flyers and announcements everywhere you go.
⦁    Teach self-help classes yourself.
⦁    Suggest to your clients that they might attend a self-help class. If they are interested, perhaps they will even attend a 5-day class.
⦁    Get a study group of JSJ students gathering with the express purpose of aiming for having a location for a 5-day class. Study groups consist of JSJ students who have attended at least one 5-day class.
⦁    Attend each other’s self-help classes. If a practitioner/self-help instructor is giving a class in your area, you might think of attending.


From 2009 onwards all JSJ Inc. 5-day Basic Seminar Organizers, now have unlimited free attendance to the 5-day basic seminars in any location (providing space is available), for a period of 1 year from the date of the class they organize.  This applies to the Main Organizer with a class attendance of up to 30 paying students.  If there is a Co-Organizer, he or she will always receive one free class at no charge.  If there is a Co-Organizer and more than 30 paying students attend, then he or she will get unlimited free classes as well.
Up to two Now Know Myself Organizers now have unlimited free attendance to any classes of their choice (providing space is available), for a period of 1 year from the date of the NKM class they organize. 

Organizers of Special Topic Classes and the Living the Art Seminars are entitled to attend a similar class in another location with any instructor at no charge, which must be taken before the end of the following year.  If the class has 30 paying students or less, there is only one free attendance elsewhere for one organizer. If the class is over 30, a maximum of two organizers may each receive one free attendance.
N.B. Organizers and Co-Organizers do not pay for any type of class they are Organizing/Co-Organizing.

These benefits cannot be saved or transferred to another year or to another person.
⦁    Since there may be limited free attendance space in classes, to guarantee a space contact the appropriate instructor and organizer for the class you wish to attend, well in advance of the class .
⦁    Keep this in mind for the class you organize as well. If there are more than 2 free attendances, instructors need to be consulted and will approve/disapprove the free attendees.
⦁    At the discretion of the instructor, up to 10% of the Total Net Tuition is given to the organizer, plus $5 per student per day for full payment students (incl EB).  Please see ⦁    Form 6 - Organizer Accounting Sheet for the appropriate class you are organizing.  If there is more than one organizer, then this amount is split between the organizers. This split is agreed upon and determined by the organizers. Each class type has a slightly different calculation.  If an Organizer wishes to bring in any extra helpers in addition to the co-organizer, the organizer needs to check with the instructor ahead of the class regarding any special situations. It will be the organizer's responsibility to compensate anyone who is helping the organizer to fulfill an organizer's duties.

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