Where can I find a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner in my area?

You can contact any of our local organizers (search for your location under our Class World Map), use our JSJ Locator to find experienced JSJ students in your area (for Locator click here) or get in touch with our office in Scottsdale (480-998-9331) and receive referrals from our world-wide listings.

For our international offices and materials, visit our International Page.

Is there anything I need to do ahead of time before receiving a Jin Shin Jyutsu session?

We suggest wearing comfortable clothing, and if you eat before a session to have a lighter meal than usual.

What does a Jin Shin Jyutsu session cost?

The fees tend to vary from city to city, and from one practitioner to another. Factors such as license and permit costs, local cost of living, expenses for an office, and the extra expense of making house calls can all influence a student practitioner's fee. We have also found that sessions offered in luxury hotels or health spas can be priced much higher than fees of a private student practitioner. Our Scottsdale office charges $85.00 per hr for 1-4 hour-long sessions, $80 per hr for 4-9 hour-long sessions, and $75 per hr for 10+ hour-long sessions. We also offer seasonal discounts of 5 sessions for the price of 4. Please inquire.

How long will it take to help my condition improve?

Each individual has their own unique experience with their journey towards harmony and balance. Consistency in receiving sessions as well as the regular application of Self-Help routines is a commonly recommended strategy.

Can I receive sessions even if I'm feeling fine and have no symptoms?

Absolutely! Jin Shin Jyutsu is for everyone who is interested in maintaining harmony and wellness in their lives. Self-help routines also play a significant part in helping to bring about more balance and general vitality.

I am unable to open a web page.

Please clear your cache (temporary files) and try again.


There are several ways of studying JSJ online.  If you go to the homepage of our website www.jsjinc.net and click on the ONLINE EVENTS tab, you will see several types of Online class. Click on each subtitle to familiarize yourself with the content.

You should find the class description and registration details you will need, and where applicable the contact information of the specific Organizers. If there are no Organizers stated, you may contact JSJ Inc for assistance.

*Please note that the Zoom Study groups are administered by the Instructors and if you attended the class “live” the replay will be sent by them.

Update Summer 2021

Dear Students and Friends of Mary Burmeister Jin Shin Jyutsu,

We hope you are having a good summer.  We also hope that you have enjoyed the reduced rates and replays for the Online JSJ Classes.  Beginning September 1
, 2021, the fees for all online classes in the US will be aligned with in-person class fees and return to the rates charged at the beginning of 2020.

Three in-person 5-Day Basic Seminars has been the long-standing requirement for becoming an authorized JSJ practitioner. This requirement was modified last year to accept attendance of up to 2 online Basic Seminars and, at least, 1 in-person 5-Day Basic Seminar (for a total of three classes) to be acknowledged as an authorized JSJ practitioner with the MBJSJ Institute.  

Please visit our website www.jsjinc.net for the latest class schedules, tuition fees, etc. As more in-person classes become available, we look forward to those opportunities to meet more of you.

Wishing you the very best in your continuing studies of the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.


David Burmeister and the MBJSJ Institute Faculty

I registered for the class but did not get:

a)    A receipt
b)    The link to the class:  Please note that in most cases the links are usually only sent 48hrs, 24hrs, and 30 mins before the Webinar starts.
c)    The replay links.

Possible causes:

1.    Went into your Spam, Promotion, or Social folders
2.    Your antivirus blocked it. Check and make the email address friendly.
3.    Internet signal is weak where you are. Info could download later when the signal is stronger.  Preference is to register using a PC, or Mac rather than a smartphone, and if necessary, sit close to your router.
4.    You misspelled your email address.
5.    It was not sent: Please contact appropriate Organizer*
My password does not work.

1    Did you copy and paste? If so, make sure there are no unnecessary spaces.
2    Clear your Cache.
3    Use a different browser. Google Chrome seems to work well

I cannot see, or hear the class.

1.    Reload your page (Ctrl R for PC’s and Cmd R for Apple)
2.    Check your sound settings.

Do I get a replay?

Most paid for Online classes have replay access from 3-6 months – See class information. The free classes are archived on our YouTube page www.youtube.com/JinShinJyutsuOfficial

My replay link does not work.

If it has not expired already, contact whoever sent you the replay link.

I heard you can get a 15% discount on Store materials when you attend webinars

If you specifically attend the ONLINE SPECIAL TOPIC WEBINARS (1.5 to 2hrs) “live”, a 15% discount on store materials (excluding E books and Webinars), is available for 14 days from the live presentation.

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