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The Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky offers Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), an ancient form of touch therapy, free to its patients. JSJ practitioner Jennifer Bradley treats patients in a special therapy room or in their chair in the chemotherapy clinic. Research data from more than 450 sessions with 159 cancer patients revealed that all of these patients reported a decrease in stress, pain and nausea levels after JSJ. Based on this pilot data, Bradley's next study will examine if belief in JSJ, or spiritual beliefs in general, play a role in patient outcomes, as well as the therapy's impact on specific radiation side effects.

Produced by Research Communications at the University of Kentucky. View video on YouTube.

The latest blog from the Markey Cancer Center

The latest Jin Shin Jyutsu videos from the Markey Cancer Center expand on the Self Help practices.  Click on the following Link to view on YouTube

Susie Plettner is doing amazing things at UCSD. She is so knowledgeable and professional in her work there. She does a beautiful job working with the medical community and explaining Jin Shin Jyutsu in a way that connects with them. In a short period of time she has made great headway. Hearing the patient's voices on this video speaks volumes.

View video on YouTube.  

In September 2018, Susie gave a wonderful, comprehensive introductory talk on JSJ, and we are happy to share the link to the video recording below:

a conversation with Waltraud Riegger-Krause, author of the bestselling book-and-card-set
Health Is in Your Hands: Jin Shin Jyutsu – Practicing the Art of Self-Healing

 Watch the video on YouTube HERE

Michael Wenninger' s talk from the Austrian Symposium on Jin Shin Jyutsu

Watch the video on YouTube


Jennifer Bradley's 2 part interview with Dr. Paul Christo on Aches and Gains radio show



David Burmeister's talks about JSJ 

Adele Leas on Dr. Randy's Radio: Glaucoma for Dogs 


Most versions are in PDF format. You will be able to read them using Adobe Reader.

JSJ article by Lynda Silk in New England's Spirit Of Change Holistic Health Magazine

Self-help Article in Journal of Holistic Nursing done at MMC

Jin Shin Jyutsu for Resilience 

Diversity Project Summary 

Diversity Brochure

Art of Gentle Touch - Natural Positive Self Help for People with Cancer (1 MB) UPDATED!

OTHER LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Dutch | GermanPortuguese | Spanish 

Publisher's page-Courtesy of Arizona Foothills Magazine (<1 MB)

The Healing Touch-Courtesy of Arizona Foothills Magazine (<1 MB)

JSJPacificSunApril2017 (1).pdf (<1 MB)

Markey Cancer Center - Lexington Cancer Foundation 2011 Program (5 MB)
(See Article # 8 in Medical Packet 1 in our Studies & Research section for the news article!)

Nashville Psychotherapy Institute "Reflects" - Summer 2012 (3 MB)
(See page 2 for Sarah Anderson's article "Care of the Self Through Hands-on Healing")

David Burmeister's speech on Jiro Murai for the 100 Years of Jin Shin Jyutsu Celebrations (<1 MB)

An article on JSJ in The Sun newspaper in Malaysia

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