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Instructor Webinar - Cynthia Broshi

Diving further into "Which flows should I use?": listening to What Is, hearing Harmony and designing a session

PREREQUISITE: One Jin Shin Jyutsu Basic 5-Day Seminar

This webinar is all about Hands-On , the quality of touch, and the practical application of giving a session that encompasses Spirit, Mind, and Body.

This, the second in a series of Cynthia's webinars exploring "what flows should I use?", presents all new material. So it can be viewed as an introduction to this ever-interesting question, or as a continuation of Cynthia's May webinar.

Using real-life "project puzzlers" as our models, we'll practice hearing physical, mental and emotional projects as being the expressions of the Trinity Energy Flows and the 6 Depths. Charting relationships of Trinity Energy and the Depths to Safety Energy Locks and Organ Function Flows will help us recognize which flow patterns in Text 1 and 2 are keys to Cause and Harmony.

As well, these aspects of designing a session will be addressed:
- beginning the session
- ending the session
- timing of each step
- working with a first-time client
- working with a client repeatedly, over time.

Aimed towards newbies and longtime practitioners alike, this will be a study-group style webinar, engaging your sensory, analytical and imaginative selves in developing your understanding of Text 1 and Text 2. Skill-building exercises will be introduced that can nurture confidence in your jumper cables. Handouts and worksheets will be available for download before the live-stream.

Purchases made AFTER the August 11 start date will receive a link to the online replay AFTER the live webinar is complete.

Webinar Date: August 11, 2019

Webinar Time: 1PM EST

Webinar Cost: $49.00

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