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Frequently Asked Questions

Before submitting your questions via our contact form below, here are some of the many questions we receive.

How do I order and find JSJ products including books, newsletters, clothing, videos and much more?

Visit our store here.

I'm an organizer, how do I access organizer forms, submit classes and more?

Login to the Organizer access area here.

I'm an instructor, how do I access the instructor area?

Login to the Instructor access area here.

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Read more about it here.

I need to find a practitioner my area, how do I find this information?

For U.S. practitioners visit here. / For International visit here.

I'm a practitioner, how do sign up to be listed on JSJ's website?

For U.S. practitioners visit here / For International practitioners visit here.

I'm a practitioner and wish to renew my listing on JSJ's website, how do I do this?

U.S. subscribers renew here / International subscribers renew here.

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