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Nathalie Max was born in 1963 in Paris, France where she still lives. At a very young age she was attracted to drawing but her natural ability in mathematics sent her on a scientific path.

In 1989, she was working in a science research lab when she took her first Jin Shin Jyutsu self help class. Nathalie states: "From the very first morning, with the 36 breaths, something different happened to me that has never left me"

At twenty-six years, she began her journey in Jin Shin Jyutsu It Is. and it is here she met her mentor, Muriel Carlton.

In 2000 she chose to completely dedicate her life to this Art.

In her classes, her liking of exactness and simplicity is nurtured by a vibrant passion for the Orient and the Japanese culture, and when she attempts to go "behind the obvious", "beyond the formulas" or "to seek the invisible", it is with her legendary humor that she enchants her students.

Her teaching resembles her touch, it is with no pressure but with a subtle force she enjoys finding the words to wake up the Jin Shin Jyutsu artist that is in each of us.

Favorite Flows: 13 + Main CentralBedside Books: Kojiki + Self-Help Book I

Astro: Aquarius + LeoNumbers: 7 + 8

Color: IndigoMusical instrument: Cello

Flower: PeonyAnimal: Whale

Véronique Le Normand, writer

Instagram: @nathaliejsj

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