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Jill Marie Pasquinelli

Jill was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  Her first studies were in human biology and the study of animal behavior.  Later she changed her focus to pursue her passion in dance and theater arts. She graduated with a BA in Dance from Lone Mountain College.

Jill has also studied meditation, Tarot, writing, and various other body and movement awareness disciplines. This combined with her childhood dream of becoming a detective lead her to the discovery of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Jill brings this enhanced awareness and curiosity into her teaching, sharing with students her delight in the Mysteries and discoveries of life, movement, and energy. She has a particular interest in living life in accordance with nature, exploring life cycles and patterns that reside in both the Universe and in our bodies.

She has been a student and practitioner since she began her studies with Mary Burmeister in 1982. She joined the faculty in 2002 and has been teaching 5-Day classes, Special Topics, mentoring, and self-help classes worldwide.

The experience of living through a life threatening illness twenty years ago led Jill to bring Jin Shin Jyutsu into a medical oncology practice. There she developed an integrative oncology program, and treated patients in that setting for over eight years. This along with her own experience has given her a deeper understanding of the Art, both as a receiver and one who shares it through being in service to others.

She has learned there are no bad days. Instead she sees the stark realities of life with a sense of realism and humor. She loves living the questions.

Jill has two daughters who constantly inspire and surprise her. She enjoys being in nature, hiking, yoga, writing, fine tea and good chocolate.

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